Saturday, March 22, 2014

#WMCFW Part III - The Final Chapter

I would like to present you with the last instalment of my street style shoot at Toronto Fashion Week. I'm definitely sad it's over, because I do love a concentrated dose of fashion in the city. I met some awesome people and I'm totally looking forward to October. Hope you enjoy the shots!

I love Tiffany from TC and the City's pastel spring ensemble and gorgeous Zara heels!

Welcome the fabulous Stacey McKenzie, a huge supporter of WMCFW, and her super unique style!

I absolutely LOVE the Trollsen Twins, Mary Jane and Ca$hley Trollsen. They are super cool and have a wicked sense of style!!

Myles Sexton has an amazing intensity about him, and I love the commitment he has to his craft...check out his designs here.


  1. Stacy Mackenzieeee ??? AWESOME !!!

  2. Thank you for the shot! :) xo


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